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Who’s Ready for a Story? #Playlist

Hungry for a good story? Look no further…

Hit PLAY on our Story Times playlist for some good old fashioned read-alongs. Featuring industry icons Angela Santomero and Chris Kratt, cozy up with Daniel Tiger, the Wild Kratts, and more of our fun friends for a world of imagination!

Read Along with Angela Santomero

First up, we've got Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood creator Angela Santomero reading “You Are Special, Daniel Tiger.”

Read Along with Chris Kratt

Next, we've got Wild Kratt brother Chris Kratt reading “Wild Dogs and Canines!”

Read Along with Brad Meltzer

Now tune into Brad Meltzer's read-along of “I am Amelia Earheart” from his best-selling series, Ordinary People Change the World.

And now, blast off into space with Neil Armstrong, who knew that every journey begins with a first step.

In I am Abraham Lincoln, we're taught about the power of speaking our minds and speaking for others - always with kindness and compassion.

Read Along with Jen Oxley

Here we have Jen Oxley, co-creator of Peg+Cat, reading “The Chicken Problem.”

Read Along with Billy Aronson

Finally, watch Jen's Peg+Cat co-creator, Billy Aronson, as he reads “The Race Car Problem”


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