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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty #Review

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  • Posted by Sean Forsyth on December 17 2013

Based on James Thurber’s short story (with an original feature film starring Danny Kaye made in 1947) the new Walter Mitty is an entertaining flick with Ben Stiller as both director and main protagonist. Fun, heart-warming, and with a main character very easy to empathise with, this film will leave you with a yearning to travel, break out from routine and experience the world.

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Walter Mitty is a regular Joe, living in a grey world; his surroundings, his clothes, even his briefcase, are all grey – a reflection of his existence. His only chance to escape is through his imagination – where his daydreams take him out of the mundane, rather than summoning the courage to experience the real thing. A problem at work and a not-so-secret crush on a co-worker finally give him cause to break from routine and actually 'do' rather than imagine… leading to one great adventure.


Sean Forsyth

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