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Warm up with Disney’s Frozen #Review

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  • Posted by Clara Phelan on December 19 2013

It seems appropriate that the screening of Frozen is preceded by the oscar nominated short Get A Horse!, a riotous few minutes that perfectly balance Disney’s classic style with the animation technology that modern audiences have come to expect. The result is a happy marriage of the old and the new.

Frozen proceeds happily in this vein and is equally impressive at showcasing those things which we have grown up loving about Disney features -  smart writing, show-stopping songs and show-stealing sidekicks – while also exploring where developments in animation can take us. The result is a thoroughly enjoyable and visually stunning experience.


After years of concealing and fearing the limits of her magical powers, Elsa is forced into exile when her secret is revealed. Anna sets out on a journey to prove her sister’s goodness and convince Elsa to come home. What ensues are parallel voyages of gutsy self-discovery, as each of the heroines seek to save themselves, and each other, ultimately uncovering the surprising source of their true love and happiness, ever after.  And although it doesn’t quite wrap things up as smoothly as the action suggests, the genre-bending finale is immensely satisfying and proves that the ambitions of Disney’s feisty heroines have changed, even if their doe eyes and waistlines have not.


Clara Phelan

Clara is Script Assistant on Henry Hugglemonster... and can't eat cake. (It's very sad)

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