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TAAFI 2019 Recap

TAAFI has come and gone but for those of our staff who attended, the memories are here to stay! In addition to our highly anticipated Canadian premiere of Let’s Go Luna!, attendees were treated to a weekend full of cool animations. “As always it is awesome seeing everyone together in our industry, celebrating our love of animation. TAAFI put on a great festival, from comedy to kids to international animations, there was something for everyone to enjoy” – Kayla Latham, Distribution Coordinator.

Some highlights from our staff include the colourful TAAFI characters who went around and danced on stage posing as their respective letters.

Our staff who attended the TAAFI exclusive screening of ‘How To Train Your Dragon 3, raved about the film. “It was amazing, storyline and artistically, with the added bonus of a Q&A after the screening. Director, Dean Deblois and Actor,Jay Baruchel, talked about their love of the films and their passion really came through as they spoke so proudly of them. Jay even reprises his role of Hiccup for the television spin-off.”

Overall, we had an amazing weekend! Until next time, TAAFI.

Stefanie Zaarur

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