Strawberries #Sketch

Today's #Sketch comes to us from our Toronto studio Keyframe Artist, Heather Clark! Heather, through her beautiful drawing talents, showed us the dark side to everyone's favorite little berry!

Heather: Strawberries can be very sweet and have cute imagery. I think mixing in a little darkness, like using black or adding spiders, make them more interesting.

Also, it's practical. Gotta watch out for spiders, and others when berry picking! 

'Spider in the Strawberries' by Heather Clark
'Spider in the Strawberries' by Heather Clark

These drawings were done in Photoshop. I usually do a quick, small sketch when I come up with the idea. Then I do a proper version in Photoshop when I get home. 

/images/labs/Heather-Clark-Strawberries-003.jpg 'Black Strawberries' by Heather Clark! /images/labs/Heather-Clark-Strawberries-002.jpg 'Spider in the Strawberries' by Heather Clark

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