SPOTLIGHT: 3 Brown Bag Artist Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

If you're anything like us at Brown Bag Films, you spend a huge portion of your life scanning through all the fantastic artist profiles on Instagram! You're probably already following a bunch of artists' accounts on the platform but there's always room to discover more, wouldn't you agree? And so, to help with that, we've lined up 3 terrific accounts from amongst our artists across each of our 3 locations for you to check out!

We promise you they won't disappoint!

Lydia Sanchez

Our Dublin-based 2D Designer Lydia Sanchez has the most delightful Instagram account filled with adorable character concepts, delicate watercolour pieces, and intricate pencil sketches! There's a beautiful harmony of colours at play and a real storybook quality to the pieces. A definite feast for the eyes!

Be sure to follow Lydia at @lydia_ilustracion

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James Chapman

Our Manchester-based Background Artist James Chapman’s Instagram account is a veritable explosion of colour! There’s a plethora of charming doodles to peruse through for hours, but our highlights would be the Jeff Goldblum illustrations. More Goldblum, please!

Enjoy more from James at @chapmangamo

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Rhya Tamasauskas

Our Toronto-based Digital Marketing Manager Rhya Tamasauskas has more up her sleeve than excellent social media skills! A master crafter, this lady knows her way around patterning and conjures up vibrant and joyful characters in her illustrations, prints, and textiles. There’s whimsy and sweetness in every piece and her Instagram is sure to put a smile on your face!

Check out more from Rhya at @rhya

/images/labs/Rhya-Tamasauskas-Instagram-01.PNG /images/labs/Rhya-Tamasauskas-Instagram-02.PNG /images/labs/Rhya-Tamasauskas-Instagram-03.PNG

Watch this space for more Insta features to come!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Digital Marketing Manager and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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