Dublin Art Jam: Vikings

Last month, our Dublin-based 2D Committee organised a studio Art Jam! What’s an Art Jam you ask? Well, it’s a nice way to get the creative juices flowing with a little healthy dose of competitiveness thrown in!

Our 2D Committee sought to inspire our artists and help combat the dreaded artist-block by providing a monthly theme complete with a moodboard to help get started. The theme for last month was Vikings and we got a heap of amazing submissions we just had to share with you!

Take a look through our inaugural Art Jam gallery below:

/images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam_Barry-ODonoghue.jpg Artwork by Lead Texture Artist Barry O'Donoghue /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam_Wrath_of_Fire_Carmine_Pucci.jpg Artwork by Assistant Art Director Carmine Pucci /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam_Darren-Murray.jpg Artwork by 2D Artist Darren Murray /images/labs/Champion_Vikings-ArtJam_KasiaBrzezinska.jpg Artwork by 2D Designer Kasia Brzezinska /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam_Bo-Chicoine.jpg Artwork by Lead Texture Artist Bo Chicoine /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam_StephenOConnor.jpg Artwork by Art Director Stephen O'Connor /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam_Olly_Blake.jpg Artwork by Storyboard Revisionist Olly Blake /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam-LOST_CITY_OF_ASGARD_NUNO-NOBRE.jpg Artwork by 2D Animator Nuno Nobre /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam-Valkyrie_Rebecca-Reynolds.png Artwork by Storyboard Revisionist Rebecca Reynolds /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam_DARREN-NESBITT.jpg Artwork by Storyboard Revisionist Darren Nesbitt /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam-02_DARREN-NESBITT.jpg Artwork by Storyboard Revisionist Darren Nesbitt /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam-Lydia-Sanchez.jpg Artwork by 2D Designer Lydia Sanchez /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam_Derek.jpg Artwork by 2D Designer Derek Horan /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam_Jorge_Verdugo.jpg Artwork by Art Director Jorge Verdugo /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam_Martin-Fagan.jpg Artwork by Storyboard revisionist Martin Fagan /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam_GaryRonaldson.jpg Artwork by Animation Director Gary Ronaldson /images/labs/Vikings-Art-Jam_MatthewLloyd.jpg Artwork by Assistant CG Supervisor Matthew Lloyd

The winning submission was voted on by all the Dublin studio members and *drumroll* please, has been awarded to our awesomely talented 2D Designer Kasia Brzezinska!

Artwork by 2D Designer Kasia Brzezinska
Artwork by 2D Designer Kasia Brzezinska

As crowned victor, Kasia has chosen the theme for next month's Art Jam to be Japan, so please tune in next time to see more art jammy goodness!

Who doesn’t love a good jam?

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Digital Marketing Manager and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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