Sketchbook #Sketch

Today's #sketch is a peek into the sketchbook drawings of Art Director Andrew Hamilton!

Andrew: I started experimenting with a Pentel waterbrush, filled with Japanese carbon ink, being highly inspired by the Metal Gear Solid character designer, Yoji Shinkawa.

The movement of the brush feels very organic and I find it very quick and easy to scribble down ideas on a page. Using the black ink also forces me out of my comfort zone by removing the ability to undo or erase any linework I put down on the page, thus making me think a little extra hard about the choices of line that go on the page. However, most end up very messy and abstract.

/images/labs/Andrew_Hamilton_-_sketch_02.jpg /images/labs/Andrew_Hamilton_-_sketch_04.jpg /images/labs/Andrew_Hamilton_-_sketch_06.jpg /images/labs/Andrew_Hamilton_-_sketch_03.jpg

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