Brown Bag Films at Animation Dingle Festival 2017!

Animation Dingle Festival took place over the weekend and the Brown Bag team were there en force discussing upcoming new production 'Sadie Sparks', partaking in a Producer's Panel and advising on recruitment opportunities.

We are also thrilled to announce that Chris Nee and Kent Redeker won the Best Writer for Preschool Animation award for ‘Doc McStuffins: Welcome to McStuffinsville’ at the Irish Animation Awards!

Brown Bag Films' Creative Director Darragh O'Connell accepted the award on their behalf.

/images/labs/Irish_Animation_Awards_01.JPG /images/labs/Irish_Animation_Awards_04.JPG /images/labs/Irish_Animation_Awards_03.JPG

Well done also to our Art Director Stephen O'Connor who received a nomination for Best Design / Art Direction for Octonauts and to Stephanie Simpson on her nomination in the Best Writer for Preschool Animation category for ‘Octonauts: The Great Swamp Search’!


Also, a very special congrats to our friend, the legendary Aidan Hickey on receiving The Murakami Award! 

The standard at the student animation awards was simply amazing and we're very much looking forward to the next generation of animators! Huge congrats to Fiona Ryan on winning Best Writer and to the short 'Define Intervention' on winning Best Irish Animation at the Student Animation awards.

/images/labs/Fiona_Ryan_01.jpg /images/labs/Fiona_Ryan.jpg /images/labs/Animation_Dingle_Student_Awards_01.jpg /images/labs/Animation_Dingle_Student_Awards_02.jpg /images/labs/Animation_Dingle_Student_Awards_03.jpg /images/labs/Animation_Dingle_group.jpg

Check out some more photos from the festival:

/images/labs/Producers_Panel_03.JPG /images/labs/Producers_Panel_02.JPG /images/labs/Producers_Panel_01.JPG /images/labs/Sadie_Sparks_01.JPG /images/labs/Producers_Panel_05.jpg /images/labs/HR_Team_Dingle_01.jpg /images/labs/HR_Team_Dingle_02.jpg /images/labs/Sadie_Sparks_02.JPG /images/labs/Sadie_Sparks_03.JPG /images/labs/Sadie_Sparks_04.JPG

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the beautiful surroundings of Dingle and we hope to be back again next year!

/images/labs/Animation_Dingle_04.jpg /images/labs/Animation_Dingle_03.jpg /images/labs/Animation_Dingle_01.jpg /images/labs/Animation_Dingle_02.jpg

Check out the full list of award nominees here.

Anahita Tabarsi

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