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Sharing Little Acts of Kindness for World Smile Day! #Playlist

Happy World Smile Day, everyone! Today is a great day to encourage the acts of kindness we can do to put smiles on each other's faces. 

The story of World Smile Day begins with the inventor of the smiley face, Harvey Ball, who created the iconic image in 1963. After its creation he thought the meaning of the symbol, good will and cheer, had become lost as a result of its overuse across the globe.

To combat this, he proposed that people should devote one day a year to smiles and the true meaning of the smiley symbol, which is doing good and performing acts of kindness. That is when he declared that the first Friday in October should be World Smile Day. This idea grew over time and is now a trend that exists worldwide!

To celebrate World Smile Day, we want to stay true to Harvey Ball’s belief in helping people smile by performing acts of kindness. When we are kind and supportive of one another, making each other smile becomes easy.

In the playlist below, we’ve gathered videos of some of our favorite acts of kindness from across our different series. We hope these videos put a smile on your face!

When Winston is going through a tough time, Karma doesn’t hesitate to reach out and listen to him. Listening to our friends and being there for them is a great way to turn a person’s frown around. Check out more Karma's World.

When Murphy the wooly mammoth is stuck, Eureka doesn’t hesitate to help him out and take him home. Helping someone in need is a great way to do an act of kindness. Watch more Eureka!.

This song from Let’s Go Luna! is all about how great it is to take care of one another. We all need someone to care for and taking care of each other is a great way to be kind.

There are plenty of acts of kindness in this video from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, showing us that one of the best ways to put a smile on somebody's face is doing something helpful.

When Ismat goes to her first sleepover, she doesn’t want to admit that she’s afraid of the dark! But when she tells her friends she’s met with nothing but support and kindness. Watch more Ridley Jones.

“Wake up in the morning, get out of bed, and put your smile on!”

This song is sure to make you grin! Making the people in your life smile is a great way to have a good day, and this song covers a ton of different ways to do it. Check out more Ada Twist, Scientist.

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