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Season 4 of Ada Twist, Scientist Coming to Netflix on April 22

Are you ready for some serious scientific fun? Get ready to load up the lab with Ada Twist, Scientist!

Ada Twist, Scientist is back for its fourth season on Netflix on April 22, and it's going to be a blast! Ada can't wait to use the scientific method to answer all of your questions, with even more science-based adventures for Ada, Rosie and Iggy on the way.

So what can we expect from the upcoming season? Let's take a look:

Ada Twist, Scientist, developed for TV by executive producer Chris Nee (Laughing Wild), Wonder Worldwide, is produced in partnership with President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Productions, with animation done by our awesome teams at Brown Bag Films Dublin and Bali. Series Director, Jean Herlihy had this to say about the exciting new season:

“We’re very excited to be releasing the latest episodes of Ada Twist, Scientist on Earth Day!

Ada Twist, Scientist is based on the bestselling books by Andrea Beatty and is illustrated by David Roberts. The series follows four best friends as they discover how science relates to everyday life. In each episode they have a new problem to solve but they can overcome anything when they work together, using their unique skills and big imaginations.

There will be plenty to enjoy this season. We’re introduced to a new main character—Benny, Ada creates The Green Team, a group of superheroes dedicated to helping the environment, and we have some exciting new songs, locations and stories.

Huge congratulations to the team who had massive success on the awards circuit in 2022. The whole crew has put their heart and soul into this show and I have such admiration for the beautiful work they have produced over the past three years. Thank you to everyone at Brown Bag Films, Laughing Wild, Higher Ground Productions and Wonder Worldwide for making my job so easy. We hope you enjoy the latest installment of Ada Twist, Scientist!”

—Jean Herlihy, Series Director on Ada Twist, Scientist

Based on the popular children's book series by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts, Ada Twist, Scientist tells the story of a young girl named Ada Twist who is endlessly curious about the world around her and uses science to solve problems and answer questions.

As always, Ada and her friends will be conducting lots of fun and educational science experiments throughout the season. From learning about the properties of different materials to studying the natural world around them, viewers can look forward to plenty of hands-on science activities that are sure to inspire their own curiousity and love of exploration.

Season 4 of Ada Twist, Scientist promises to be a wild and wonderful journey of discovery, full of laughter, learning, and adventure.

Be sure to mark your calendars for April 22, when the new season will be available to stream on Netflix, and get ready to join Ada and her friends on the ultimate scientific voyage!

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