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RIO 2 #Review

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  • Posted by David Maybury on April 02 2014

We caught RIO 2 last week – the sequel to the smash animated feature, Rio, featuring a blue macaw named Blu who is taken to Rio de Janeiro to mate with another macaw, Jewel, with a head-to-head against a cockatoo, Nigel.

They’re ALL back!

Nigel returns with a new henchwoman – as they follow Blu and Jewel to the Amazon – to meet Jewel’s family. Blu’s neuroses haven’t faded and a trip to the jungle results in all new uncomfortable scenarios – including meeting the in-laws.

Featuring a star-filled voice cast – including Jesse Eisenberg, Ann Hathaway, Jemaine Clement, Tracy Morgan, Jamie Foxx,, Bruno Mars, and Andy Garcia – the movie’s strongest feature is the music. With so many numbers interspersed throughout, music producer Sergio Mendes and songwriter Carlinhos Brown are given room to shine… culminating in Clement’s hip hop rendition of I Will Survive and Kristin Chenoweth’s solo number, Poisonous Love.

Beyond that…  there’s not much to tell. I still think the character design on their human characters is flawed, but then it’s not about them. I guess. The birds of the Amazon take centre stage and the vibrant colour and imagination captured in the animation is great, comprising of wonderfully choreographed dance sequences and even some football flare.

It is a feast of colour!

David Maybury

David works at Brown Bag Films and occasionally eats cake, lots and lots of cake.

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