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Our Virtual Brown Bag Halloween At Home #Recap

If you know us well, you likely already know that we're BIG fans of Halloween! It's one of the most fun and celebrated times of the year at our studios. Every year we celebrate with potlucks, treats, parades, and most importantly, INCREDIBLE COSTUMES!

Even though Halloween looked a little different this year, our Social Committees rallied together to host a virtual Global Costume Parade, alongside a #BBFHalloweenAtHome contest, to help us keep our traditions alive and celebrate together, even while apart.

This year we hosted our first-ever Global Halloween parade, with winners in at every 9 Story and Brown Bag studio locations.

Check out who took home top honours in our regional costume contests below!


1st -  May Handayani - Bali - Original Harley Quinn

2nd - Helga Kadira - Bali - Psycho Farm Girl, Beetlejuice, Wednesday Adams

3rd - Christian Daryanto - Bali - Double Face


1st -  Lynne Guthrie - Dublin - Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher

2nd - Lauren Fee - Dublin - Mrs Doyle with Father Ted and Father Dougal

3rd - Anna Margiotta - Dublin - MAGA Covid Denier


1st -  Holly Churchill - Manchester -  WormOnAString

2nd - Bill Gordon - Manchester - Vampire


1st -  Sara Farber - NYC - Mr McFeely & a Speedy Delivery

2nd - Maddy Feiner, Aly Piekarsky, Noriko Louison - NYC - Daniel Tiger King

3rd - Jess deMonsabert - NYC - Dead office plant


1st -  Mike Tampoya - Toronto - a Karen

2nd - TIE - Trish Bartkiw - Toronto – Wizardmon & Paula Potts - Toronto - Freddy

3rd - Dyane Eugenio - Toronto - Princess Estelle, Tales of Vesperi

Swipe through our gallery to check out all the spooktacular costumes from around the globe!!

We hope you too enjoyed a candy-filled, spooktacular Halloween at home! And stay posted for some Costume Tutorials coming soon.

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Marketing Director, Digital & Social and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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