Meet HR Generalist Evelyn Moriarty! #Interview

Meet Evelyn Moriarty, she's the HR Generalist for our Dublin and Manchester studios and part of the hardworking team behind the scenes, who keep the studio full of amazing, creative staff! We had a chat with her about why she thinks Brown Bag Films is a great place to work and what advice she has for people looking to get into the animation industry:

I'm Evelyn and I've been at Brown Bag for 3 years. I work as HR Generalist and that includes being point of contact for managers on HR queries, working on numerous HR projects and lots in between.

What do you love most about working at Brown Bag Films?

Despite the pressure of deadlines etc, we still have time to have fun and have a laugh.

Describe a typical day in HR?

No day is the same really but any day could include meeting with a manager to discuss a HR issue, running an induction for new starters, planning my goals for the weeks and months ahead, responding to queries from staff, attending a committee meeting and working on a project.

What makes working here unique?

Brown Bag is such an Irish success story which makes it feel like no other place I've ever worked.

What do you feel are the Top 3 reasons to want to work here?

High quality work, the wealth of experience in the studio and the fact that we care about our staff.

What are you most proud of at Brown Bag Films?

The massive growth that we've seen in the last few years and the high caliber staff that have come through our doors during this time.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Seeing a project that I'm working on completed.

What makes a great workplace?

It's all about the people really, and having a good manager, as well as challenging work and opportunities to progress.

What knick-knacks decorate your desk?

I'm not really a knick-knack person!! But you can see my coloured blocks representing my insights profile and anyone is free to ask what they tell about me!

What’s your greatest accomplishment?

I'm on my second Masters (but I haven't completed it yet so I'm not really sure if that counts!)

What do you love about animation?

The end result.

What's your preference - 2D or 3D animation?


And finally, what are your Top Three Tips to potential recruits on how to stand out on interview day?

Answer the question that is being asked.

Do your research on the studio.

And don't be afraid to let your passion for animation shine through!

A common pitfall that we see is candidates not answering the question being asked of them and not knowing anything about the studio.

Got a question for our HR team, fire away in the comments below!

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