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Meet Cool Creatures with the Wild Kratts for #WorldAnimalDay!

Happy World Animal Day to all the animal lovers out there! 

World Animal Day is a day where we can come together and celebrate the world's many cool creatures. It’s also a great time to show support to the animal welfare movements across the globe that are fighting for their protection.

On World Animal Day, we should all take the time to think about how we can make the world a better, kinder place to animals, both the ones in our lives and the ones living in the wild. The best way to start is by getting curious and learning more about the amazing animals that live on Earth alongside us.

To celebrate World Animal Day, we thought we could check out some animals with our favorite animal lovers, Chris and Martin Kratt from Wild Kratts! Check out the playlist below to learn all about animals with the Kratt brothers.

Did you know there are two different kinds of elephants?  Watch as Chris and Martin explore African and Asian elephants, looking for the differences between them.

Let’s learn about the snowy owl, and the types of prey this predator likes to hunt in the wild.

We’re taking a trip down under to Australia to learn about two of their most famous animals, kangaroos and koalas!

Alligators and crocodiles may look the same, but these two creatures do have some differences. Let’s learn all about these animals with the Wild Kratts.

Meet the sloth bear, a bear that uses the power of suction to eat its favorite termite dinner. 

Have you ever seen wild horses parallel prance? Watch as the Wild Kratts crew learns about horses by watching this amazing act in action!

In this clip, we’ll learn about the impressive power and speed of cheetahs, one of the fastest animals in the world!

Want to watch even more Wild Kratts? You can catch episodes on PBS KIDS during local showtimes, or watch clips on the PBS KIDS App or on!

And for more information on #WorldAnimalDay, click here.

Miranda Madden

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