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May the Fourth Be With You #StarWarsDay

It's May the Fourth aka Star Wars Day - the most important internet holiday in the GALAXY!

To help us celebrate the day we rallied our artists to share some of their Star Wars inspired art with us.

Behold our May the Fourth Be With You art show!

First up, we've got a series of beautiful digital paintings featuring Han Solo and Chewie, Leia Organa, Finn and Rey from Rob Brunette, Background Painter on Luna Around The World, Brown Bag Toronto.

Next, titled “Dark Side of the Force (I Guess)” gives us a look at the dark side in all its crimson glory. Digital painting by Nuno Nobre, 2D Animator, Brown Bag Dublin.

Dark Side of the Force (I Guess) by Nuno Nobre

Luke takes on Darth Vader in this digital painting by Ottavio Roda, Storyboard Revisionist, Brown Bag Dublin.

It's Rey to the rescue in this digital painting by Kasia Brzezinska, 2D Designer, Brown Bag Dublin.

Rey by Kasia Brzezinska

We've got a new take on the origin story of our favourite twins with this How I Met Your Mother style mashup from Brown Bag Dublin 3D Animator Lorenzo Sabia, along with a porky Darth Vader!

We go a little old school with these two poster art style illustrations by Jamie Roberts, Prop Rigger, Brown Bag Manchester.

'What is the lifespan of a wookie?' wonders Conor Gillespie, Editor, Brown Bag Dublin.

What do you get when you cross “May the Fourth Be With You” and “MerMay”? This aquatic Ewok from Adriana Blake, Storyboard Revisionist, Brown Bag Toronto.

Alyn Woolsey-Tracey, Animation Intern on Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

We've got some Rey life-drawing poses from Diane Aarts, Animation Supervisor on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Brown Bag Toronto.

We get political with these “Radical Robots” from Star Wars and Star Trek by Humpreet Dhoat, VFX Animator, Brown Bag Toronto.

Radical Robots by Humpreet Dhoat

It's portrait time for Han Solo & Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu and Wilhuff Tarkin by Justin Mark, Background Painter on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Brown Bag Toronto.

Not quite a drawing but we're sure you'll agree it's still a work of art, our Brown Bag Manchester based Producer David Townsend shared a photo of his son Sabre's haircut.

“This is a photo of my sons latest haircut. Plus his name is Sabre (to show the geeky commitment his mum and I have to the franchise!)” - David Townsend

Another photo we had to share is of our Dublin-based Assistant CG Supervisor Matthew Lloyd's Star Wars model collection!

“Ive always been a huge Star Wars fan and collected all the different models when I was younger.

This collection started purely by accident. I picked up one of the models when they were released last year as it was well made and looked really cool. Roll on 12 months and the collection has grown so big I've had to take some of it home. I may soon need a bigger desk.” - Matthew Lloyd

Draw this Grand Jedi Master, he did. Timothy Chan, Layout Artist on Luna Around The World, Brown Bag Toronto gives us the wonderful Yoda.

And where would we be without Jabba the Hutt? Model by Wayne Arenburg, Senior Layout Artist for Luna, Brown Bag Toronto.

May the Fourth Be With You!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Marketing Director, Digital & Social and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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