Master Study Challenge #Sketch

Our Brown Bag Dublin based 2D Designer Gavin O'Donnell has started an Instagram challenge to encourage himself to create a new sketch each day. Check out his work below and get involved with #masterstudychallenge!


Gavin: I started up a little challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #masterstudychallenge to help me start some daily sketching - basically, the idea is to find a classic or modern master painting (you can search for one via Google or Pinterest) and study it for 60 minutes. You can use the stopwatch on Google to help you keep track of time. 

Try to find the colours without colour picking and simplify as much as you can. You have to be efficient to fit it into an hour.

Working zoomed out from the canvas also helps you to simplify and focus on the big shapes at first.

I've posted up my first week of work on my ArtStation and Instagram.

/images/labs/gavin-o-donnell-daily-7b.jpg 60 mins studying Scott Christensen /images/labs/gavin-o-donnell-daily-6b.jpg 90 mins studying John Fernades /images/labs/gavin-o-donnell-img-5923.jpg A study of the beautiful work of American painter Thomas Kinkade for 60 mins /images/labs/gavin-o-donnell-img-5920.jpg 60 mins study of Dmitri Belyukin /images/labs/gavin-o-donnell-img-5916.jpg A 60 mins study of Calvin Liang /images/labs/gavin-o-donnell-img-5943.jpg studying an artist called Willem Koekkoek; went a bit over the time, 90 mins /images/labs/gavin-o-donnell-img-5912.jpg Hard Brush photo study

You can also just include sketches from your imagination.

If you want to get involved join me over on @gavinodonnellart and use the #masterstudychallenge!

Anahita Tabarsi

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