Marty McFly - Character Animation #FanArt

This week's #FanArt is an animated excerpt from 80s classic 'Back to the Future' by our Dublin-based Episodic Director, Rob Byrne! The nostalgia led design hits the spot perfectly and we'd love to see even more from Rob in the future! ;)

Rob: I wanted to do a new character animation piece in my spare time and when I saw the free Ray rig from CGTarian I thought that it looked great. (Ray, courtesy of CGTarian Online School).

I had watched Back to the Future recently and thought that I had never seen a piece of dialogue from it animated. I grabbed a clip that I thought would be really fun to explore and I decided to make a few adjustments to the Ray rig like changing his textures, adding some new pieces of geo like his shirts and vest and then finished his look off by adding Xgen hair with Maya. 

Marty McFly by Episodic Director Rob Byrne. Ray, courtesy of CGTarian Online School.
Marty McFly by Episodic Director Rob Byrne. Ray, courtesy of CGTarian Online School.

I animated it over a few weeks' spare time and when it came time for finishing it off, I thought it would be fun to put him on a stylised 2D background with the DeLorean in the foreground. Although I drew these myself, I was very influenced by the amazing style of the great illustrator Kim Smith. She had illustrated a book based on Back to the Future and when I saw it I thought how it would be great to incorporate that style into this test so I approached it using her work as a major influence. 

The final render was in Arnold in Maya. 

Hope you enjoy it and it pulls the nostalgia heartstrings!


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