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Inside Brown Bag Films Manchester Studio #PhotoTour

Brown Bag Films is up and at them in Manchester!

We thought we'd give you an exclusive peak into our new Manchester base, so we've got a photo tour to get you (and our Dublin-based selves) acquainted with the new space!

Come take a quick scout around and meet some of our Manchester crew:

The studio is ramping up for its very first production – 2D of course, because everything 2D happens in Manchester!

Meet Daniel – our Background Designer. Daniel creates the worlds in which our characters live!

Meet Emma – our Production Assistant. Emma assists all aspects of the production and also makes sure all our lovely plants stay alive!

Meet Matthew – our Character Designer: Matt is full of character himself!

Meet Erica - our Toon Boom TD. Erica is our Toon Boom Wizard who makes all of Matt and Daniels designs come to life!

Meet Emma Fernando – our Producer. Emma makes sure we're on schedule and budget, adding a little sparkle along the way!

Meet Sarah – our Studio Manager. Sarah covers everything that goes on in the studio, and is our resident Mancunian!

That's our Manchester team so far! And we're rearing to add to it - we've currently got a whole host of positions available in our Manchester studio:

    - 2D Animator
    - Compositor
    - Background Designer
    - Character Breakdown Artist
    - Character Designer
    - Production Manager

Check them out on our Jobs page and get in touch!

We'll also be holding an Open Day shortly so keep an eye out as we'll be posting more info on that VERY soon!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Marketing Director, Digital & Social and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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