Manchester Art Jam: Dogs

Each month our Manchester studio's Creative Leadership team organises an Art Jam! The aim is to inspire creativity with a little bit of friendly competition.

Last month's theme was centered around man's best friend - dogs!

We received some exceptional submissions for it which you can admire right here:

/images/labs/Manchester-Dogs-Art_Jam_Cat_Egan_Bully_Love.jpg Bully Love by Scene Set Up Artist Cat Egan /images/labs/Manchester-Dogs-Art_Jam_Francisco_Ruiz.jpg By Layout Supervisor Francisco Ruiz /images/labs/Manchester-Dogs-Art_Jam_Chloe_Peters.jpg By 2D Animator Chloe Peters /images/labs/Manchester-Dogs-Art_Jam_George_Crosbie.jpg By 2D Designer George Crosbie /images/labs/Manchester-Dogs-Art_Jam_Matthew_Howorth_dogggoooo.jpg By 2D Designer Matthew Howorth /images/labs/Manchester-Dogs-Art_Jam_Jamie_Buchanan.jpg By Lead Designer Jamie Buchanan
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By Lead Animator Phil Jeffery

After a studio-wide vote, the winner was our fabulous Layout Supervisor Francisco Ruiz!

By Layout Supervisor Francisco Ruiz
By Layout Supervisor Francisco Ruiz

Francisco received some great dog-themed prizes including a pug mug diffuser and a Moleskine so he can get working on his ideas for next month.

Our next theme has been selected, and it is 'Greek Mythology', so keep your eyes peeled for more art jammy goodness from our Manchester studio next month!

Anahita Tabarsi

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