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Make Your Own DIY Seed Pocket #GreenBag #Tutorial

Our Green Bag committee have been up to a LOT recently! Last month, at our Dublin studio Committee Happy Hour they showed us how to make our very own 'Seed Pockets' or 'Seed Bombs'. Super simple and incredibly fun, not to mention great for the environment.

We caught up with Green Bag committee member, Senior Modeller, Emma McCarthy, who gave us the rundown on how to make one step by step!

Emma: First select the seeds you want to use and then assess a site that will suit to plant e.g sunny, shade, etc.

We used a native Irish wildflower mix. There are many ways to make a seed bomb, we chose to make ours with air drying clay. You can also use potters clay mixed into peat-free compost.

1. Start by creating a rough flat circle from your clay that should sit in the palm of your hand. 

2. Take a pinch of peat-free compost and place in the centre.

3. Add some of your chosen seeds on top.

4. Cover the seeds lightly with more compost.

5. Close your clay over the compost gently squeezing it into a truffle-sized ball.

6. Finally, roll your seed bomb in some more compost to finish it off.

You can then wrap it up in a small bit of newspaper/burlap tied with some string in order to transport it to your designated planting site.

It is best to seed bomb in Spring or Autumn, it also helps to coincide this with some heavy rainfall to wash away the clay.

They can be thrown into your flowerbeds, pots or any empty space that needs some brightening up!

Happy planting!


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