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‘The Space Between Us’ Limerick School of Art and Design Student Shorts Winner 2021

We're delighted to have sponsored the Best Animation award for Limerick School of Art and Design's Animation and Motion Design students 2021 Graduate Showcase which took place virtually on Saturday, 29th May!

Our panel of judges have been continually impressed by the quality of work that is showcased from LSAD's Animation and Motion Design students and this year's graduates were no exception. Brown Bag Films' 2D Design Supervisor Tracy Dalton, a former LSAD Animation and Motion Design student, announced the winning animation on behalf of Brown Bag Films, via a short video presentation during the online awards ceremony.

'The Space Between Us' by Dara Darcy
'The Space Between Us' by Dara Darcy

A huge congratulations to Dara Darcy for her short 'The Space Between Us' which really struck a chord with our judges for its beautiful storytelling and style.

The Space Between Us follows a woman as she navigates everyday life in the absence of her other half. Life alone is quiet and empty - until her other half returns through digital means, filling her surroundings with colour.

However, something feels awry - what bridges their distance leaves something to be desired, and the woman cannot help but fear a stark crash back to her lonely reality.

In a time where circumstances have forced us into isolation, The Space Between Us navigates loneliness, melancholy, and the uncanniness of human connections maintained by modern technology.

“What I want people to take away from my piece is that the feeling of melancholy that being alone brings is very much universal - be it from isolation due to Covid-19, or being in a long-distance relationship. What is important is to nurture ourselves and our loved ones in whatever ways we can, and keep faith that one day, things will return to normalcy.”—Dara Darcy

Be sure to check out Dara's website for more of her beautiful artwork!

Anahita Tabarsi

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