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Let’s Learn About Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum #FunFacts

If you haven't joined our time travelling friends in the Secret Museum yet, you should know that Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum is a comedy-driven animated-adventure, based on Chris and Brad Meltzer's best-selling kid's book series, Ordinary People Change the World.

In the show, we follow the adventures of Xavier, Yadina, and Brad, as they travel back in time to meet famous heroes from the past and learn how to be their own heroes in the present!

We wanted to give you the lowdown on our heroic pals and their historic journeys while sprinkling in a few fun facts along the way too… Ready? Let's get started!

Picture of preschool kids' show Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

Meet Xavier, a kid who lives for adventure!

Xavier is that slightly weird kid and unspoken leader of our trio. He's the one who rushes headfirst into adventure even if he has no idea where it'll lead. Especially if he has no idea where it'll lead. He's insatiably curious and will do whatever he must to satisfy that curiosity. He'll also do whatever it takes to get a laugh; Xavier loves telling jokes, he's the stand-up comedian of the group.

Meet Yadina, the girl who can do it all!

Like her older brother (Xavier), Yadina is always up for an adventure – she loves travel (the geographical-kind and the temporal-kind) and trying new foods and learning new customs. She’s very extroverted, not a wallflower at all – but she’s still just six. She’ll get hungry or tired all of a sudden, and then have to have a nap or eat RIGHT NOW! She hates mean-ness of any kind and will let that mean-person know exactly what she thinks of them.

Meet Brad - he loves butterflies and action heroes!

Brad is Xavier’s best buddy, and while he is extremely anxious and has a long list of fears, he loves going on adventures with Xavier and Yadina. He, is also the kid who needs to be reminded that everyone, including great historical heroes, were once a kid just like him, with fears, flaws, and doubts and all those other compliacated emotions that come with growing up. Finally, fun fact - did you know that Brad loves butterfiles and he started his very own butterfly club!

Did you know there are THREE awesome Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum games?

Play online game Hidden Heroes and solve puzzles to collect items associated to historical heros, learning more along the way. You can also create your own stories with a little help from Xavier and crew using Xavier Story Creator and don't forget to try out the Xavier Riddle Hero Maker to custom make your very own heroes!

Still want more Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum goodness?

Take a peek behind the curtain of the Secret Museum here and discover some more behind the scenes fun!

You can watch episodes of Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum on PBS Kids, the PBS KIDS app or online at in the US!

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