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Let’s Learn About Food! #Playlist

Want to send your tastebuds on a wonderful adventure? Join us on a culinary trip with all our favourite friends and learn all about the magic of food!

Ready to dive in? Hit PLAY on our Let's Learn About Food playlist and like our favourite fairy baker would say let's get cooking!

Butterbean's Cafe

Get inspired by your favorite fairy and check out the top 8 tasty treats Butterbean has in store.

A Grilled Cheese for the Big Cheese

A special visitor is in town, and Butterbean and Cricket make her a special meal, and it happens to be her favourite!

Open Surprise Eggs with Butterbean & Friends

Open Surprise Eggs with Butterbean and her friends and go on adventures around Puddlebrook.

Rainbow Noodle Soup

Butterbean is feeling poorly, so is tucked up at home in bed! Will the others cope without her and her fairy magic?

Crepe Tower Recipe!

Cook up a Crepe Tower with this simple recipe from Butterbean’s Café!

Fairy Food Fails!

Bake It | Butterbean's Butterfly Biscuits

Learn how to give your bakes that perfectly perfect fairy finish, with this Butterbean's Butterfly Biscuit video. Let's get cookin'!

Healthy Snacks! How To Make Recipes from Butterbean's Café

Watch as kid chefs cook up some healthy recipes inspired by Butterbean’s Café!

Doc McStuffins

Healthy Eating | So Much You Can Do to Take Care of You

There is so much you can do to take care of yourself and Doc is going to help you eat healthy!


The Skeleton Chef

A human comes to dinner at Vampirina's house and Skeleton Chef needs help to prepare!

Chef Remy Bones | Music Video

Chef Remy cooks up a dish worthy of the spookiest of guests!


Yummy Delicious Food

Pando likes tomatoes and Bing's favourite food is carroty bagels. Watch this compilation full of yummy delicious snacks!

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

How to Make the Perfect Strawberry Jam!

The kids learn how to make strawberry jam with Julia Child, one step at a time!

I am Julia Child

Yadina finds her brother sitting amongst a sea of tiny airplane pieces, overwhelmed. Xavier wants to build his new model plane, but has no idea how to even get started. To the Secret Museum! Our heroes are sent back in time to meet someone who knew how to get things cooking: Julia Child. Julia invites our kids to make jam with her, but quickly realizes that a recipe will be needed if they want it to taste any good. Watching Julia have a lot more success following a step-by-step recipe encourages Xavier to do the same with his model plane—and it works! Turns out, you can do anything if you take it one step at a time.

Peg + Cat

How to Solve Big Problems (Part 2)

Peg and Cat take us on an adventurous journey to show us simple and fun ways of solving unexpected problems. Come along and explore the world of numbers, shapes and alphabets!

Peg and Cat get orders for halves of pizzas and learn about fractions to keep their patrons pleased. Peg and Cat deliver pizzas and are menaced by the flying Pizza Pirates who want to “take away one!”

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Daniel Tries a New Food

Be a Vegetable Taster!

Fruit and Veggie Meals to Love!

Daniel sees how healthy food can be yummy, too! Try making some fruit salad pops, pancakes with hidden strawberries, or delicious veggie spaghetti. You'll be surprised how many fruits and vegetables you can pack into meals with these healthy habits!

Bake and Cook with Me!

See Daniel and his friends make and eat some of their favorite treats!

Wild Kratts

Food, Fun and Creature Rescues with Jimmy

No one faces their fears, shares food or eats it quite like Jimmy Z! Watch the cheerful cool kid conduct his own creature rescue, serve up some batty brownies and stumble through the desert to help the Kratts!

Camp Lakebottom

Screaming Good Food!

Join the campers for a screaming good feast!

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