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Killer Croc Sculpture #Sketch

As promised, here is another update on the Killer Croc sculpture - you can find the previous entries here and here. I swapped his plain white eyes for some blue ones, but eventually I will replace them with reptile ones that I have ordered online. The rest of the work has been on scales… so many scales.. *cries*

I’ve been trying to keep as symmetrical as possible but the great thing about crocs is that they are not perfectly symmetrical, looking at reference pictures and they are surprisingly un-even, which works great for me, haha! – I also started on his neck and chest area again after further research.

Another few weeks of detailing and he will be done. Thinking I might mould him and make a realistic silicone version as a display piece..

Stay tuned!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below!

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew is Art Director on Doc McStuffins- see his work at [url=""] Andrew Hamilton Creations[/url]

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