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Join Ridley Jones & the Eye Team in these Games for Kids!

Hey Adventurers! Ready to swing into action with your newest hero, Ridley Jones?

As protector of a historic museum, it’s Ridley’s job to keep everyone that lives there safe. Together with her team and the help of her magic compass there’s no adventure they can’t tackle! When the museum comes alive the adventure begins!

And we've got a super selection of Ridley Jones games to help you join in the fun. Check out our playlist below and help Ridley and the Eye team on their adventures:

Treasure Hunt, Stamp Rally & More Museum Games!

Calling all games experts! Ridley Jones and her friends have all kinds of games that they need your help on. Play a game of Lost and Found! Find things that are out of place! Find the missing treasure! Help Ridley count! What are you waiting for? Join the fun!

Can You Find the Museum’s Hidden Treasures?

Help Ridley and the Eye Team spot the hidden treasures that are lost all around the museum. Is Dante missing something, has Ismat misplaced her crown? Join in and keep your eyes peeled to be the first to find all the surprises!

Museum Lost & Found Game

Play along with Ridley and the Eye Team as they discover lost artifacts in the museum! Help the team put the butterfly where it belongs and help a lost penguin get home to the Arctic! It’s your job along with Ridley to keep the museum safe in this game of lost and found!

Museum Counting Game

Wow! Check out all the objects you found from the museum! Let’s count all the stamps in your passport book together with Ridley Jones in this super fun counting game. Once you’ve counted up all your stamps, it’s another mission accomplished! Great job!

Out of Place Artifacts Game

Some artifacts from around the museum have somehow been moved! Join in and help the Eye Team spot all the objects that are Out Of Place in this fun hidden objects game!

Ready for more adventure? Meet the Ridley Jones team and watch the Ridley Jones trailer!

You can follow Ridley Jones and the Eye team on their adventures now on Netflix. With an action-packed Season 2 coming this November 2nd!

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