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It must be love: getting to grips with Clumsy Ninja

You’ve been in love before. You know the symptoms. Close your eyes, and you’re dreaming of them. Pick up your phone, and look them up. Open the app they live in and throw them around a little.

I’m talking about NaturalMotion’s Clumsy Ninja.

With an amazing physics engine in place – Clumsy Ninja invites you to train, throw, lift, kick and punch your way to being… a less clumsy ninja. But there’s more to this than meets the eye, the intuitive character feels like a cartoon come-to-life. (That may be why I love it so much)

You can play the game for free over days or you can pay the premium to buy extras and get level ups faster. (There’s no criticism here, the free-versus-premium in Clumsy Ninja is far less jarring and doesn’t interfere gameplay.)

There’s more to Clumsy Ninja than just training – there’s a neat back-story where his friend has been kidnapped and he’s training with Sensei to become strong and save her. You earn belts through training on the trampoline, a hoop (that you throw the ninja through) and punching bags. Not to mention the fun stuff you can do – starting with tying balloons to his feet and watching the results.

© (2012-2013) NaturalMotion Games Ltd
© (2012-2013) NaturalMotion Games Ltd
© (2012-2013) NaturalMotion Games Ltd
© (2012-2013) NaturalMotion Games Ltd
© (2012-2013) NaturalMotion Games Ltd
© (2012-2013) NaturalMotion Games Ltd

The game's trump card comes in how it looks over gameplay though – the atmosphere and animation are seamless. The world NaturalMotion have cooked up is a great balance of the familiar and new – with the Ninja adding huge interactivity and addictive prowess.

Clumsy Ninja: Free

David Maybury

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