Happy #NationalDogDay!

Today, August 26th, marks National Dog Day

That's RIGHT - a day to celebrate our amazing furry friends and share our love for them. And when it comes to dogs the Brown Bag family have a whole lotta love to give.

So, we're happy to take this moment to share some snaps of our best friends with you. Brace yourselves for the cuteness! 

Meet Lady Korra! She helps out in the Comp department in our Manchester studio!

/images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Lady-Korra-003.PNG /images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Lady-Korra-004.PNG Lady Korra /images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Lady-Korra-001.PNG Lady Korra eagerly awaits Pizza toppings on Pizza Friday! /images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Lady-Korra-002.PNG Being such a busy girl makes her hungry!

Meet Maddie, she's got a busy work schedule in our Dublin studio! Between belly rubs and naps, you'll find her running in and out of the finance office hoping to sneak some cake.

/images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Maddie-001.jpg "Hi, I'm Maddie" /images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Maddie-005-In_my_office_bed.jpg "In my office bed" /images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Maddie-003-They_love_cake_in_this_office.jpg "They love cake in this office" /images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Maddie-004-Why_dont_I_get_cake.jpg "Why don't I get cake?" /images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Maddie-006-I_even_get_to_make_friends_on_the_square_to_play.jpg "This is great! I even get to make friends on the Square to play with!" /images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Maddie-009-Friends_waiting_for_treats.jpg Maddie and Stoli waiting for treats. /images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Maddie-008-I_am_exhausted_after_a_long_day_of_meetings.jpg "Exhausted after a long day of meetings!"

Meet Stoli, a close friend of Maddie's who loves to play fetch and wander the studio looking for treats!


Meet Cleo and her baby Nina with their pal Nancy! They have mastered giving the best hugs.

/images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Cleo-Nina-001.JPG /images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Cleo-Nina-Nancy-001.JPG

Meet Dusty, a playful chappie who belongs to our Production team member Daniel Spencer!


Meet Pete and Alfie! We're sure you'll agree they are just dashing and fit in perfectly with our Post-Production gang.

Meet Lizzy, she's an adorable little Maltese!

Studio dog Kaia knows her animation, ask any of our Manchester staff!

/images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Kaia-001.JPG Kaia /images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Kaia-002.JPG Kaia

And not to be missed, meet Ted! He's a mini Schnauzer with his very own Instagram account: @tedtheminischnauzer

/images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Ted-002.PNG /images/labs/National-Dog-Day-Ted-001.jpg When the afternoon slump hits!

Now, excuse us while we head off to the park!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Digital Marketing Manager and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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