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Sunflower Growing Competition Recap! #GreenBag

Back in March, our Green Bag team in Dublin organized a summer sunflower growing competition to get people excited about growing! Those who signed up received a sunflower growing kit - including sunflower seeds, compost and a compostable pot, as well as instructions for how to grow your sunflower - and we've been following their journey's ever since.

From struggles to triumphs, check out some of our growers and their progress below!

If you missed out on the summer growing fun but are itching to grow your own, fear not!  Taking matters into your own hands may be easier than you thought - a compostable coffee cup makes a great starter pot, and sunflower seeds are available in most garden shops and supermarkets.

Check out the official Green Bag Sunflower Growing Guide below for everything your sunflower would ever need!

1. First, you will need… soil, seeds, pots, water and sun! Use lukewarm water to expand your pellet and fill your pot.

2. Insert a sunflower seed into the soil, pointy edge down. Give it a gentle push with your finger so that it goes beneath the soil and add a sprinkle of compost on the top. Best to have 1 seed per pot. Empty toilet rolls also work great for this.

3. Give your pot/pots a good watering letting the water run through.

4. Place your pots on a nice warm windoswill, it won't be long before the seedlings come through.

5. Once the risk of frost has passed outside and your seedlings look sturdy and are several inches tall, you simply need to plant them where you want them to flower. (This can be in the ground or in a large pot)

When you're all planted, follow these tips for optimal growth:

1. If growing in the ground, try to place in a sunny spot by a wall or somewhere you will be able to support it later as it grows.

2. The more sun your flower gets the stronger its stem will be!

3. Water lightly and regularly as seedlings. Check the soil first. Once your plant is established, a deep water once a week should suffice.

Enjoy your plants, and happy growing!

Rachel Sherman

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