Gokurōsama #StaffPick

Looking for a short animation to watch? Check out today’s #StaffPick, ‘Gokurōsama’, an impressive 2016 graduation short from students Aurore GalClémentine FrèreYukiko MeignienAnna MertzRobin Migliorelli, and Romain Salvini of MOPA - L'École de la 3D (Supinfocom Arles) with music composed by Matthieu Dulong from the MAAAV.


The story revolves around an old Japanese lady who gets stuck during her morning routine of preparing bentos in her shop, nested in the bottom floor of a supermall. Her young assistant decides to take it upon herself to help her by bringing her to a chiropractor a few floors above. Sounds simple enough, right?

Anahita Tabarsi

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