Dublin Art Jam: Animal Chef

Last month we brought you our Dublin studio Japan-themed Art Jam! Well, sit back and enjoy some more art jammy goodness as we have the next roundup ready to share with you!

The theme this time was 'Animal Chef' and you can bet our artists cooked up some superb submissions!

Take a look through our 'Animal Chef' themed Art Jam gallery below:

/images/labs/Brown-Bag-Dublin-Art-Jam-Animal-chef-AnimalChef_Barry-008.jpg Animal Chef by Barry O'Donoghue /images/labs/Brown-Bag-Dublin-Art-Jam-Animal-chef-Darren-Murray-001.jpg Animal Chef by Darren Murray /images/labs/Brown-Bag-Dublin-Art-Jam-Animal-chef-Elephant-Gourmet_Marvi-Manzoni-007.jpg Elephant Gourmet by Marvi Manzoni /images/labs/Brown-Bag-Dublin-Art-Jam-Animal-chef-Kasia-Brzezinska-005.jpg /images/labs/Brown-Bag-Dublin-Art-Jam-Animal-chef-Octopus-Chef-DerekHoran-004.jpg Octopus Chef by Derek Horan /images/labs/Brown-Bag-Dublin-Art-Jam-Animal-chef-Gordon-Ramsey-Martin-Fagan-006.jpg Gordon Ramsey by Martin Fagan /images/labs/Brown-Bag-Dublin-Art-Jam-Animal-chef-SpiderChef_StephenOConnor-003.jpg Spider Chef by Stephen O'Connor /images/labs/Brown-Bag-Dublin-Art-Jam-Animal-chef-sushi-mouse-Olly-Blake-002.jpg Sushi Mouse by Olly Blake /images/labs/Brown-Bag-Dublin-Art-Jam-Animal-chef-ScaledGourmet-Paul-Morris.jpg Scaled Gourmet by Paul Morris

The winning submission was voted on by the Dublin studio members and *drumroll* please, has been awarded to Kasia Brzezinska for her charming piece “Grandma's Cooking”!  

As the new hailed victor, Kasia has chosen the theme for next month's Art Jam to be 'Retro Sci-fi', so please tune in next time to jam it out even more!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Digital Marketing Manager and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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