Ghoul Morning! #Halloween

You wouldn't wanna scare easy if you're working in the studio today!

We've had a makeover to get into the ghostly spirit of things for one of our favourite times of the year: Halloween!


Check out some of the spooky decor:


/images/labs/Halloween_6.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_20.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_22.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_7.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_5.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_3.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_9.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_8.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_10.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_2.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_1.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_4.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_15.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_16.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_17.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_12.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_14.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_13.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_21.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_19.JPG /images/labs/Halloween_23.JPG

Excuse us… while we go hide in the safety closet!


Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Digital Marketing Manager and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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