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Vampirina Ghoul Girls Spooktacular Halloween Playlist!

Spooky season is upon us, and Halloween is ALMOST here!

Looking for a rockin' playlist for your Halloween party? We've got the perfect soundtrack for your ghoulish delight—who better than Vampirina's Ghoul Girls to bring the spooktacular riffs and haunting melodies!

Are you ready to rock out with the Ghoul Girls? Monster-ific!!! We've got some scream-tastic jams for you! Just HIT PLAY!

Party in the Crypt

King Pepi invites all the party monsters and humans alike to come join the dance party in the crypt with the Ghoul Girls!

The Ghost Life

Joined by DJ Demi the ghost, the girls sing about all the fun you get to have when you're a flying, floating and lovable ghost!

Home Scream Home

Vampirina shows everyone they're never far from home scream home!

The Mummy Rap

Vee, Poppy and Bridget join in a fun and friendly wRAP with a hip-hop Mummy at school!

Boogieman Boogie

Dragos, Vee, Poppy and Bridget teach everyone how to do the Boogieman Boogie at a ghoulish dance party.

Transylvania Girls

Vee, Poppy and Bridget invite different ghouls, ghosts and monsters throughout Transylvania to come to a party and embrace their inner spook together!

Transylvania, Here We Come

Vee is so excited to show off Transylvania to everyone, the magical place where she's from!

Episode 1 | Bat Chats: Ghoul Girls on Tour

Vee bat-chats with her Nanpire and shares that the Ghoul Girls are going on tour!

Episode 2 | Bat Chats: Ghoul Girls on Tour

Vee bat-chats her mom and dad before the Ghoul Girls film their newest music video!

Episode 3 | Bat Chats: Ghoul Girls on Tour

Vee bat-chats Nanpire after playing a Ghoul Girls concert in Translyvania!

Episode 4 | Bat Chats: Ghoul Girls on Tour

Excited to come home, Vee bat-chats her parents from the tour bus!

Bat Chats: Ghoul Girl on Tour! Compilation

Vee makes time to bat-chat her family while she's on tour with the Ghoul Girls for the first time!

We Are the Ghoul Girls

Get to know the Ghoul Girls in this fun new song where each girl takes the spotlight to introduce themselves before they come together in a big finish!

Living the Scream

To celebrate their success and the fun they're having, The Ghoul Girls and the Scream Girls play their rock song “Living the Scream” together!

Find Your Inner Ghoul

The Scream Girls show Vee and her friends how to find their inner ghoul!

Ghoul Girls Rock Music Videos | Part 1 of 2 | Compilation

Rock out to the Ghoul Girls' latest hits on Transylvanian Monster Television! Check out their soundtrack here.

The Ghoul Girls Music Videos | Part 2 of 2 | Compilation

Vampirina and the Ghoul Girls gather all their monster friends in Transylvania to debut their latest haunted hits!

The Ghoul Girls Are Back

Everybody scream, everybody howl because the Ghoul Girls are back!

Stream the Vampirina Ghoul Girls Rock! soundtrack!

You can watch Vampirina on Disney Junior, the DisneyNOW app and Disney Plus.

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