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Karma’s World Watch Party Pack!

Have you heard? Our show Karma's World is now streaming worldwide on Netflix!

Karma's World follows Karma Grant, an aspiring musical artist and rapper with big talent and an even bigger heart. 

It's been AMAZING to see the viewer reactions online and we want to keep the celebrations going, so we've got a host of fun activities and resources for you to enjoy including a Karma's World Watch Party Pack! 

Download Karma's World Watch Party Pack

Download your very own Karma’s World Watch Party Pack here, complete with puzzles, lyrics, activities and more!

Downloadable Zoom Backgrounds

Want to amp up your next Zoom call with our Karma’s World virtual backgrounds? Pick your favorite background from this awesome selection including Karma's room, school, neighborhood and, of course, the stage!

Take a Musical Tour with Karma's World

We've got TEN gorgeous tracks from the official Karma's World soundtrack for you to sing your heart out to, so come join us on a musical tour with Karma Grant.

Karma’s World is now streaming on Netflix. Subscribe to the official Karma’s World YouTube channel for more next-level videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

Stream/Download the Karma’s World Soundtrack here and take it with you anywhere you go!

Looking for more of Karma’s magic? 

Follow Karma’s World on social! Stay up to date with the latest Karma news and updates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Visit for all things Karma’s World. Learn more about the series and characters, and make sure to check out our printable resources! 

Finally preorder your own Karma’s World merch on the official series store

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