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 Image © David G. Forés

Edgar Allan Poe Illustrated #Kickstarter

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  • Posted by Chris Duff on March 26 2014

David G. Forés discovered Edgar Allen Poe when he was young, and became captivated by the American Romantic Movement.

Now he has turned his captivation into an ambitious project - bringing music and vision to Poe's melancholy madness. Forés began illustrating Poe with respect and terror as his tribute to Poe, The Master of Macabre.

This is a must have for any Poe fan - and the soundtrack composed by Teo Grimalt is making my donate finger twitch.

Check out Edgar Allan Poe Illustrated on Kickstarter

Chris Duff

Chris is on Work Experience with Brown Bag Films - he's 19, and is an aspiring cyclist and journalist (both if possible).

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