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Ask Us Anything #AMA

Every Thursday we're opening the studio doors and answering all of your questions. Technical, industry, fandom or otherwise - drop your question in the comments below - and we'll hop to it. (We're fielding Q's on Facebook, Twitter and G+ too, if that's easier!)

First up, is a question from Nicola Steer (via comments): When will Bing be on screen? I'm a very excited mum of an extremely excited 2-year-old.

I snuck into our productin team and asked… it'll be broadcast in Mid-June on Cbeebies!!

An anonymous email asked ... How do Brown Baggers do breakfast?
There is only one answer:

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Thanks guys - Toby is still Top Dog around these parts! We woke him from a nap to nab some pics:

I have a 10 year old granddaughter who is fascinated by animation and wants to make some of her own films.

She has asked me to get a whiteboard for her birthday so she can draw and rub out images and photograph them but I wondered if there is a supplier of basic animation equipment or if you would have a recommendation as to a simple kit that might help her move this on?

We've got two recommendations!

A few weeks ago our crack team of work experience students reviewed Animation Studio - it has everything you need to learn the animation ropes and begin creating stories and short animation.

The other is The Extraordinaires Design Studio - it comes complete in a great briefcase with more than 200 problems, designs and solutions to get any imagination fired - from inventing a remote control for a pirate, or some protection for an angsty vampire, this is for you!

We're answering all sorts of questions all morning.

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