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  • Posted by Anahita Tabarsi on November 09 2018

Want to improve your knowledge of anatomy when it comes to 3D? Well you're in luck, Screen Training Ireland has an upcoming course, Introduction to Anatomy for 3D, aimed at all VFX, animation and games professionals interested in enhancing their knowledge of anatomy for use in 3D digital art.

Whether you are looking to be a digital modeller, sculptor, rigger or animator, anatomy is the backbone for creating believable imagery. This one day course aims to demystify how you can use anatomy to inform your designs and approach to creating assets. This introduction to the fundamentals of anatomy will focus on:

- Gesture
- The Skeleton and Landmarks
- Muscles of the Trunk
- Muscles of the Upper Limb
- Muscles of the Neck and Head
- Proportion
- Introduction to Zbrush
- Sculpting a Torso Bust in ZBrush


The course starts Monday, December 3rd and deadline for registration is Tuesday, November 13th. For more details on how to register, please visit:

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