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Christopher Robin #FanArt

This week's #FanArt comes from our Dublin-based 2D Artist, Darren Murray! Darren was inspired by the recent 'Christopher Robin' film to create this bustling London scene!

Darren: I was watching the movie trailer for Disney's live-action movie 'Christopher Robin' and this shot caught my eye.

I thought the visuals for the movie, in general, were stunning and I happen to have a soft spot for London. I guess I just love the look, vibes, and culture of London, so it was the perfect motivation to dust off my brushes and try to capture this movie moment on canvas.

Christopher Robin - acrylics on canvas painting by Dublin Based 2D Artist Darren Murray

I painted this in acrylics on canvas paper. I hadn't painted in traditional media in quite a while and kept meaning to do it. I guess I was just waiting for the right inspiration to catch my eye and give me the drive to set up my easel and paints.

I wasn't expecting much to come from it, as it had been so long, but I was pretty happy with how this turned out.

It is not as polished as I would like, but maybe that was because I was afraid to ruin what I had originally loved about the shot.

Be sure to catch more of Darren's artwork right here on our Instagram Spotlight with him!

Sarah Ott

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