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Celebrating Lunar New Year with Let’s Go Luna!

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  • Posted by Miranda Madden on January 22 2023

Happy Lunar New Year - it is officially the Year of the Rabbit!

Lunar New Year celebrations run 16 days, with festivities culminating in the Paper Lantern Festival on February 5. Celebrations include dumplings, desserts, dragon dances, and paper lanterns. To learn a bit more about the festival and ways to celebrate, we turned to the moon itself - Luna from Let's Go Luna!

Music, and drums specifically, play a big part in the Lunar New Year celebrations. Luna and friends explore the different types of music as their travels take them to Beijing, where we can learn more about Chinese culture while enjoying beautiful landscapes and fun adventures.

Follow along with Luna to Beijing, and learn all about drums while the group of friends tries to find Honey a new hamster cage!

Join Leo, Carmen, Andy and Luna as they continue their search for a proper hamster cage for Honey! This time, their search takes them around Beijing, exploring a store with lots of traditional Chinese items.

Luna's friends persuade her to play the drums in this clip and show them how - kicking off a song about the bells and drums of China!

Luna, Carmen, Leo and Andy enjoy a drum performance while they look for Honey.

For even more ways to teach kids about Lunar New Year, and celebrate at home, try creating your own Rattle Drum, Dragon Puppet, or a Paper Lantern for the Paper Lantern Festival!

You can also stream full episodes of Let's Go Luna on PBS KIDS, and learn more about Beijing and other exciting destinations.

Miranda Madden

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