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Brown Bag Films to Present Renowned Animator Producer Michael Algar with Prestigious Murakami Award at Animation Dingle 2024

Animation Dingle Festival is coming up this weekend, from 22-23 March, and promises to be a captivating event. The two-day festival showcases the best in animation from Ireland and around the world, featuring screenings, workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities for animation enthusiasts from around the world all taking place in the iconic fishing town of Dingle in Ireland.

The festival is home to The Murakami Award and is proud to announce the recipient of this year's prestigious Murakami Award, sponsored by Brown Bag Films, is renowned animator producer Michael Algar who is being honoured at the festival for his exceptional contributions to the world of animation. Animation Dingle Festival, known for its commitment to celebrating excellence in animation, is thrilled to bestow this honour upon Michael Algar.

The Murakami Award ceremony, set to take place during the festival, will serve as a tribute to Algar's remarkable career and legacy. The Murakami Award, named after the legendary Japanese animator Jimmy Teru Murakami (村上輝明 ) (1933-2014) a founding father of Irish animation, recognises individuals who have demonstrated unparalleled innovation, vision, and impact in the field of animation.

“We are thrilled that Michael Algar has been honoured with the Murakami Award in Dingle. For Jimmy, Dingle wasn't just a destination; it was a sanctuary, a place where he found a true sense of home and belonging. Michael's recognition with this award is not just a testament to his talent, but also to his close bond with our family. He is not just a recipient of this award; he is a cherished family friend, and this recognition is all the more meaningful and couldn't be more well-deserved.”

—Ethna Murakami

Michael Algar's groundbreaking work has not only captivated audiences worldwide but has also inspired generations of animators and storytellers. Michael has worked for over fifty years in the film industry. He was appointed first Chief Executive of the Irish Film Board (Screen Ireland) in 1982. In that capacity, he supervised the financing of selected feature and documentary films by Irish filmmakers. He has also represented Ireland on committees in the European Union and the Council of Europe concerning the development and improvement of film industries in Europe, leading to establishment of Eurimages. Credits include the features “Christmas Carol” and “Joseph, King of Dreams” as well as series “The Storykeepers”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Captain Star”, “Budgie the Little Helicopter”, “The Mad Cows”, and many other specials and series. His most recent special was “Deposits” and most recent series was “MyaGo”.

“It's a great honour for me to receive this award, named for my great friend and colleague Jimmy Murakami who inspired the development of the Irish animation industry.”

—Michael Algar

Speaking on the announcement today, Cathal Gaffney, Managing Director, Brown Bag Films, sponsors of the award said:

“The Murakami Award is a prestigious lifetime achievement award in the field of Irish Animation, and Michael Algar is a most deserving recipient. Michael has been a consistent backbone of animation in Ireland, and he has worked in the industry for five decades. Of his many credits, he produced the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in 1989 working with Jimmy Murakami. Michael has always been generous with his time and has assisted countless animation producers and studios sharing advice and his experience.”

We are delighted to be sponsoring The Murakami Award once again at this year's Animation Dingle festival and extend a huge congratulations to Michael Algar. The award will be presented by Brown Bag Films' Managing Director Cathal Gaffney at the festivals Awards show.

For more information about Animation Dingle Festival and the Murakami Award, please visit:

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