Brown Bag Films and 9 Story’s Winter Cheer

9 Story Media Group and Brown Bag Films Toronto celebrated the holidays and the end of another outstanding year at our annual Winter Cheer party. 

Held at the renowned Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, the museum and hockey-themed interactive games were open exclusively to employees (score!!) and for a few hours that evening everyone turned into a fan! 

As the night went on, we socialized and enjoyed a delightful selection of food and drinks, as we reflected on our successes, looked ahead at what’s to come and of course, practiced our slap shots. Needless to say, some of us were more seasoned than others, but we all had an equally fun time.    

Shout out to our social committee for pulling off yet another great party! 

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year! 

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Stefanie Zaarur

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