Bing WINS an Emmy®!

Incredible news!

Bing has WON an Emmy® in the Kids: Pre-school category at the 4th International Emmy® Kids Awards which took place last night in Cannes!

Bing was nominated in the Kids: Preschool category alongside nominees LazyTown (Cartoonito / Turner Broadcasting Systems Europe), O Zoo da Zu (Discovery Latin America / Boutique Filmes) and Shimajiro's WOW! (Benesse Corporation / TV Setouchi Broadcasting / Dentsu / DASH / demand / The Answerstudio).


Acamar Films' Mikael Shields and Brown Bag Films' Nicky Phelan (Director of Bing) accepted the award yesterday evening.

/images/labs/Brown_Bag_Film_-_Bing_Wins_an_Emmy_03.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Film_-_Bing_Wins_an_Emmy_02.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Bing_-_Emmy_Awards_07_-_Mikael_Shiels_and_Nicky_Phelan.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Bing_-_Emmy_Awards_08_-_Nicky_Phelan_and_Mikael_Shiels.jpg

Nicky Phelan, Director of Bing at Brown Bag Films, said

"Bringing Bing and Flop from Ted Dewan's books to life took the combined skills, talent and buckets of dedication from the Bing teams in Brown Bag Films, Acamar Films and Tandem. We're all so proud of the show, and to see it awarded an Emmy is a great honour."

Check out some more snaps from the event:

/images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Bing_-_Emmy_Awards_04_-_Mikael_Shields_Nicky_Phelan_Emmy_Nominee_Folders.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Bing_-_Emmy_Awards_05_-_Mikael_Shields_Nicky_Phelan_Emmy_Nominee_Certificates.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Film_-_Bing_Wins_an_Emmy_01.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Bing_-_Emmy_Awards_07_-_Mikael_Shiels_and_Nicky_Phelan_on_the_purple_carpet.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Bing_-_Emmy_Awards_06_-_International_Emmy_Awards_-_Nominees_Signatures.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Bing_-_Emmy_Awards_01.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Bing_-_Emmy_Awards_02.jpg /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Bing_-_Emmy_Awards_03.jpg /images/labs/Bing_at_the_Emmys.JPG /images/labs/Brown_Bag_Films_-_Bing_-_Emmy_Awards_09.JPG

Huge congrats to all the Bing team!! ‪

Winning an Emmy‬... ‪#‎ItsABingThing‬


Check out the full list of nominees and winners.

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Digital Media Coordinator and designated photographer.

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