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Baldur #FanArt

This week's #FanArt comes from our Toronto-based Storyboard Revisionist, David Fernandez, inspired by the character design of Baldur in God of War. He was drawn to the Norse god because of his intricate tattoos. We think a few of the artists in our studio could give Baldur a run for his money!

David: I'm fascinated by Norse mythology and the great heroes and gods that are found within the Eddas.

After seeing the rendition of Baldur, the Aesir God of Light, from “God of War”, I was instantly inspired by his top-notch design.

He's ragged and fierce, much like how I imagine an actual Norse warrior would have been. However, what really grabbed me about his design were his tattoos, which are all beautiful and intricate, each of them a story within themselves.

Also, what better way to experiment with light effects than to paint the God of Light himself!


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