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Ask Us Anything #AMA

We're opening the doors every Thursday morning to try and answer all of your questions. Technical, fandom or otherwise - we'll do everything we can to answer.

Drop your question in the comments below - and we'll hop to it. (We're fielding Q's on Facebook, Twitter and G+ too, if that's easier!)

Excited? We are!

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First question came from Laura Robinson: What do you look for in junior animators?

Damien O'Connor, Storyboard Supervisor in the studio, offered up this reply: a showreel of your best work and heaps of enthusiasm.

Second question came via the OFFSET team, asking if we were excited about #OFFSET2014?

Simple answer? YES!

We're huge fans of NoBrown Press and Richard Mosse - looking forward to catching up with so many of the speakers.

As for our own talk… we're not nervous at all.

Not at all:

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Conor Steenson asked Who is doing, in your opinion, the best work in animation currently that ISN'T Brown Bag?

Creative Director, Darragh O'Connell got busy answering: There are so many in TV, including Karrot Entertainment's Sarah and Duck, Cartoon Saloon's upcoming Puffin Rock and there's Titmouse, Guru, and 9 Story Entertainment to name a few.

But we couldn't stop ourselves. Once the conversation started some of the team chose more favourites - including Boulder Animation, Oktober Animation in New Zealand and the world class Laika and Aardman studios.

Any excuse to include some Laika love:

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David Maybury

David works at Brown Bag Films and occasionally eats cake, lots and lots of cake.

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