Animation Industry: Bill Tedford Interview #Podcast

Check out Animation Industry Podcast's great interview with our Toronto-based Art Director, Bill Tedford, where he discusses developing children’s programming IP, the process of making a children's show from ideation to air and how he might have been a farmer!

Throughout his 20 year career, Bill has done it all. He’s been a cameraman, compositor, assistant editor, animator, storyboard artist, and design supervisor - and one of the characters he’s developed is Daniel Tiger.

“I was always interested in drawing and I was always encouraged by my parents to draw. When I was about 4 years old, my father bought a video camera. I figured out how to do stop-motion animation with it. And at the same time I was also doing live-action short films with my friends and I kind of just spiralled out from there and just started making movies and animation and drawing, and it just kept on progressing.”

“The parents are just as important as the kids. The parents are trying to pick high-quality television for their kids because their kids could be watching several hours a day right and they want to use that tool as an education conduit.”

- Bill Tedford, Art Director

/images/labs/Animation-Industry-Podcast-Bill-Tedford-Interview-002.jpg Team Daniel Tiger at the Day Time Emmy Awards /images/labs/Animation-Industry-Podcast-Bill-Tedford-Interview-003.jpg Bill Tedford at the Daytime Emmy Awards

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