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Animal Band: New StoryToys App

Since 2010 StoryToys have been hitting the nail on the head with their 3D interactive pop-up books – and the roll out of their Grimm’s Fairytales with games, stories and playable scenes has been a massive success.

2013 has seen the StoryToys team take on a slew of new directions – with deviations like the Haunted House Activity Book , Strangebeard: The Pirate Princess and Goodnight Mo. None of the new apps were as different than their latest - Animal Band.

A 3D interactive music app – it invites users to compose songs using the available characters. The band are set-up in each scene, all you have to do is tap each one to activate them. As with all of StoryToys releases , the look is perfect and the 3d scenes and characters are great to play with.

Animal Band is incredibly easy to use and an update has already landed adding festive songs for the holidays – with more promised in the future. The biggest let down was how little you could play with the band, there’s little chance to remix, highlight elements or even compose your own songs.

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Animal Band: Nursery Rhymes: 99c

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