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Watch Our All About Hygiene #Playlist

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We hope you are all safe and well and enjoying lots of great animation. We know that it can be tricky trying to explain hygiene to the little ones and there are lots of new things to remember so we have pulled together an 'All About Hygiene' playlist featuring some of our characters to help inform and entertain!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Germs Go Away Song

'Germs, germs go away'! Daniel Tiger helps us to remember to clean our hands and sneeze into our elbow or use a tissue!

Doc McStuffins - Wash Your Hands Song

“Scrubbley bubbley, wash your hands” Doc, Lambie, and Stuffy sing about the importance of washing your hands in this cute song! Sing along with Doc McStuffins, and everybody wash your hands!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - What We Do in the Washroom

Daniel Tigers Neighbourhood takes you on a Potty Adventure and talks about the importance of brushing your teeth and taking a bath!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Daniel Tiger Cleans Teeth, Washes Hands Game

Watch Daniel play a game in his bathroom, maybe you can play too?

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - In My Bathroom Game

Watch Daniel help with his baby sister Margaret Tiger's bath, you can help too!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Going to the Doctor Can Be Fun

Daniel learns that the doctor isn't a scary place and can even be fun!

Doc McStuffins - Do What the Doctor Says Song

Doc McStuffins and all her friends sing about how it's important to listen up and do what the doctor says to help get you feeling better.

Doc McStuffins Ultimate Safari - It's A Wash

While Doc and the gang search for the Squirt-ephant Cleaning Station, their safari-scoop is almost destroyed by the muddy trail but the lead Squirt-ephant helps them get clean.

Doc McStuffins - Time For Your Check-up Song

'Time for your check-up' Doc and all her toys sing about going to see the doctor. Sing the 'Time For Your Check-up' song with Doc as she helps Farmer Mack's three goats get back on their hooves!

We hope these episodes and songs help you to remember to wash your hands and keep those nasty germs away!


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