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Advice on Building Your Storyboard Portfolio

Putting together your Storyboarding Portfolio? Here's some advice to help you put your best foot forward from our Senior Storyboard Revisionist Leigh Fieldhouse:

Be a Story Sniper

A story portfolio should be laser focused on showcasing your visual storytelling ability mainly through storyboards.

Include Full Sequences of Storyboards

Either as an animatic or single panels for the director to click through rather than a few nicely done panels or thumbnails. We are looking for good storytelling, so it is ok to leave some work looking rough.

Only Include Your BEST Work

Keep animatics short – max 2 minutes.

Showcase Your Strengths

Put your very best work at the top, if you are better at action sequences, put that first in your portfolio.

Show Examples of Comedy, Action and Drama

Show that you are a versatile story artist – but again showcase strengths first.

Supplemental Material You Can Include

Comics, life-drawing, visual gags, beat boards, gesture drawing, and character development - anything to do with visual storytelling can be included at the end. Limit these to a couple of pages.

There's a wealth of material available online, be sure to check them out for reference. Be sure to check out two great examples from Calarts students Yon Hui Lee and McKenna Harris!

Try to follow the above basic steps and you'll be sure to impress your reviewers!

Got any questions? Drop us a line in the comments below!

Anahita Tabarsi

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