Doc McStuffins Fanmail

We got sent some really cute fanmail for Doc McStuffins!

Check out the adorable letter we received addressed to Doc McStuffins from Danika, South Africa, inviting Doc to her birthday party:

/images/labs/Doc_McStuffins_Fanmail_Letter_-_Danika_06.jpg /images/labs/Doc_McStuffins_Fanmail_Letter_-_Danika_05.jpg

Dear Doc McStuffins

Thank you for your videos. 

I love watching you dance with your toys.

I asked my mom if I could come and visit you.

She said you are too far away. 

Please come to my birthday party.

I love you


Doc also received an adorable letter from Emily in Birmingham requesting a visit:


To Doc McStuffins

Please please can you come to Emily's house because we need you to help us to make our toys come alive.

Love from Emily


Quite the popular lass, our Doc McStuffins! Thanks to both Danika and Emily for making our day! And keep an eye out for some special mail headed your way!


We LOVE hearing from fans of our shows, check out our Contact page for details on how to reach us or drop us a line in the comments below!

Anahita Tabarsi

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