Brown Bag Films Joins the 9 Story Family! #PressRelease

Charles Darwin once said ‘It’s not the fastest nor the strongest of the species that survive but the one most adaptable to change’.


Since 1994 Brown Bag Films has evolved every few years into a different business model, always with the same determination to be the best at animation. It’s incredible to see where the journey has taken us, with so many achievements to be proud of - from four of our productions being among the top ten most watched pre-school TV shows, entertaining 100 million kids across the globe; tripling the Brown Bag Films team since the start of the decade; opening our 2D studio in Manchester last year; and continuing to add to our numerous prestigious accolades and awards. No mean feat and all in a relatively short space of time!

But where to next?  When we started out, we just wanted to make great animation and for as many people as possible to enjoy our work.  After twenty one years, we have grown as much as we can without getting outside help to take Brown Bag Films to the next level. That’s why over the past eight months, we’ve explored lots of options to figure out how we can grow the company, but without losing any of the personality or creativity that makes Brown Bag such a fantastic company. Today, we are excited to announce the acquisition of Brown Bag Films by 9 Story Media Group.

We will still be Brown Bag Films, Cathal and Darragh will still continue to lead the company. In fact, they plan on sticking around for the next 21 years! 



So why are we taking this step? Our decision to join the 9 Story family is a mutually beneficial coming together of two companies with a shared vision, culture and creative philosophy that will protect Brown Bag Film’s authenticity and allow us to grow and develop as a company. It will propel us to the next level so that we can continue to make award-winning animation shows that kids love to watch. What this deal will allow us to do is leverage the strengths of both companies and will result in our TV programmes and films being seen by even more children world-wide.

Brown Bag Films and 9 Story have a shared vision of the children’s entertainment industry and a similar ambition and approach to creativity - together we will be an even stronger, more dynamic team. The move will also allow us to grow the team here by adding 50 more staff in the near future.

In short, today marks the beginning of a really exciting new chapter for Brown Bag Films. Joining forces with 9 Story opens the door to a host of promising opportunities for all of us. We love what we do and we look forward to a really bright future for Brown Bag Films as we continue to produce the very best children’s animated entertainment – stay tuned!


Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Digital Marketing Manager and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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